Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium

Every school receives additional funding for children who are entitled to free school meals; who have been ’Looked After ; and for children from families in the armed forces. This funding also includes children who have been entitled to free school meals at some point in the last 6 years. Here at Southminster C of E Primary School we aim to ensure that all children have the same access to the curriculum, life experiences and resources to enhance their learning.  Often there is a concern that a stigma is attached to low income families, at Southminster we treat anything around free school meals with confidentiality. We do not assume that children from these families are less able, we believe everyone can believe, achieve and succeed.

To do this we have funded 3 LSAs to provide small group teaching to eligible children in school time. The selected children are eligible for the PPG but may also have a gap in their learning.

Some of the funding is also focused on raising aspirations and enrichment. Where possible, we try to support the costings of school trips for pupils eligible for the PP Grant so that they can benefit from a wide range of experiences.

We also pay for a variety of extracurricular lessons such as drama to enhance speaking and listening skills and photography and geology to enhance artistic skills.

In addition we ensure that attendance of the PP children is monitored and supported through our Breakfast Club which runs each morning providing breakfast and a good start to the day for the children.

For more information as to what we offer our children who are in receipt of the pupil premium funding please open the document below.